Why Africa?

It might seem odd to have a topic called Africa in the blog about a sustainable farm in the North East of Lithuania. But it is more related to what we do now than you can expect. As one of the strong experiences which inspired us to do what we do.

Here we will be sharing short parts of the story, called

Learn to travel. Travel to learn.

With this headline us, 20 students from ų European countries, bought two old buses,

fixed it that it could pass even the German technical check-up, took the bus driving license and on the night (because of less traffic, since we had bus driving experience for not more than few hours) of November 4th, 2013, we left our university in Ulfborg, Denmark, with a purpose to reach…

Guinea Bissau, Africa.


In 4 month we crossed 14 000 kilometres, 7 African countries, burned 2500 litres of diesel, lost 10 kg of body weight (even found some grey hair after:), nevertheless, the number of kilometres was outnumbered only by the amount of experiences  gained.

To hitch-hike, live with local people, from slums to palaces, listen to their daily stories, what they are living for, observe what kind of influence is left after the colonization… all this was more than 12 years of school with history, sociology, politics, economics textbooks.

Sharing all this with you is in a way getting through it once again. Realising gained lessons stronger every time.

So, why Africa?

At school probably most of us were studying dates and surnames of all American presidents, but about African continent, which has the highest population growth, is so close to us, has very tight historical connections with us, Europe, we could barely name 10 countries of this continent out of 54 (and what even to talk about historical connections).

When you look at the Eiffel towel you probably think of love and Paris? We think of thousands of tons of metal, mined by bloody slave work from Mauritania, shipped to France to build a probably meaningless peace of art without any practical purpose, to show their imperial greatness (vanity?)

Here on Sundays we will be sharing our African stories.

Mauritanean street kids
Mauritanian street kids

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