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Africa – the cradle of humanity

Travel countries: Morocco
Experience: Concluding Africa trip with Moroccan tea in Casablanca

The trip is at its end… the last 300 kilometres of Africa. After having the 3rd cup of sugary Moroccan tea with concluding talks about Africa, sharing understandings and experiences with a curious and interesting American volunteer David, local boy with eyes shining from within came and unexpectedly kissed David’s forehead for three times. After a while follows a row of people asking for money to eat… Continue reading Africa – the cradle of humanity

Chasing Ice

Extreme Ice Survey project and documentary – stunningly beautiful, as well as frightening, visualising the climate change at cosmically increasing rate.

Partly filmed in Iceland, 10 kilometres from our ex-home, therefore we were intrigued to watch it. Now we got intrigued to share about it. Motivating idea, efforts to fulfil it, the results. And all this for only one simple reason: when your children are going to ask “What did You do to change all this what is happening?”, so you could answer:

“I did everything I could.”

Lithuanian folk

Some unique sounds from our homeland – polyphonic singing.

Something, what brings all the people together.

If you are passing by through Vilnius – feel welcome to join us every Monday for a musical retreat. 🙂

Contact for more!

HUMAN (2015)

Do you remember a magnificent work of Yann Arthus-Bertrand HOME (2009)?

You can watch it many times, as well as you can watch his new project – documentary HUMAN (3 parts).

This film is about today: What the Planet of People is breathing.

Simply perfect and breathtaking.