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Meeting Coracias Garrulus

Travel countries: Senegal, Guinea Bissau
Experience: Nature

Once I had a very vivid and realistic dream. I started to feel how the wings are being grown from my shoulder blade while eventually I became a colorful bird and flew over lands. My passion for mammal biology extended to interest in flying creatures as well after I have accidentally recognized what bird I became in my dream watching stuffed birds’ exhibition in a museum of Natural History. It was Coracias Garrulus (European Roller). Didn’t know about it before. Awakened curiosity. Continue reading Meeting Coracias Garrulus

Border crossing – No man’s land

Travel countries: Morocco – Mauritania
Experience: Border crossing

The gates from Europe to Africa – strait of Gibraltar starts with inconceivably huge port, industrial zone and compilation of political borders: Spain, United Kingdom, Spain again and only then Morocco. Suspicious feeling about enormously intensive goods transit and giant walls for illegal people migration frees imagination for the first thoughts what possibly we can expect to meet. The atmosphere is strengthened by border officers greeting “Have a nice travel and take care” and “Thank you for your trust” banner after the very last checkpoint. Continue reading Border crossing – No man’s land