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Border crossing – No man’s land

Travel countries: Morocco – Mauritania
Experience: Border crossing

The gates from Europe to Africa – strait of Gibraltar starts with inconceivably huge port, industrial zone and compilation of political borders: Spain, United Kingdom, Spain again and only then Morocco. Suspicious feeling about enormously intensive goods transit and giant walls for illegal people migration frees imagination for the first thoughts what possibly we can expect to meet. The atmosphere is strengthened by border officers greeting “Have a nice travel and take care” and “Thank you for your trust” banner after the very last checkpoint. Continue reading Border crossing – No man’s land

The best alarm clock ever


Travel country: Morocco
Experience: Moroccan village

The best alarm clock

It was the first night at the local Moroccan family in the village close to Chefchaouen. Night was long and full of interesting dreams; my European mind was still trying to process everything what have happened today while looking for a host family in the mountains. More questions were raised than I could find answers: how come that people invite you to sleep over at their house without even knowing who you are, trusting you and accepting like a family member; how can you make such an honest relationship with only body language; how can they put so much sugar in the tea; what makes those children so brave (they started kissing my hand after few minutes we met) and more and more…

All these questions after a long day in the mountains looking for a place to stay made my night sleepless and it was easy to get lost between my dreams and reality. Continue reading The best alarm clock ever